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i have been away from tumblogging for almost (or maybe) two full months now— i just took a breather. since i have successfully completed this project, went home to the Philippines and back, i just cannot stop blogging in tumblr. BUT, it would also defeat the purpose to continue blogging on this tumblr—so i made a new blog. i wont promise to update this daily because i know i can’t! hehe 

omanisunnydays.tumblr.com is the sort-of continuation to this blog. more personal photos and i don’t know about reblogging, we’ll see.

please check it and i hope my followers will  follow me back on the new one!

have a sunny day everyone!

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vincepuerto asked: Hi! I just want to say that I am a huge fan of your art! I love them and I take inspiration from them, I am a student of Sir Vic Patalinghug I think You know him? just dropping by to say Your Amazing! :D

thank you puertopalomar! :) yep i know Vic, we went to school together at USC-tc. this blog has just completed it’s purpose so i wont be posting here no more (so sad). 

you can follow me here!

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Day 365— Almost.. ending…almost!

This is lame but, i will still proceed…

My 365 Omani days have officially ended last week, MARCH 28 to be exact! My blog is a little bit messed up with the dates, please forgive me because it entails calculation and i am dumb when it comes to it. OK enough apologies. One way or another i will still OFFICIALLY culminate this blog. arrgh..  :,(

First of all my real intention of counting my first year in Oman is to challenge myself through a journey. This is a personal project and requires my commitment, diligence and most of all my creative abilities to amuse myself and maybe others out there. Other reasons like keeping family and friends updated with my life falls second. Avoiding facebook updates was also another reason because i wanted another platform for my own diary and everything about me where people can just watch and not say anything about it (tumblr is sooo cool). Inspiring others was an extra perk. I know i have inspired and influenced a few. 

It was never an easy task to document my life with a camera for a whole year round and doing it every single day. Sometimes bothering my friends to take photos for me! Maybe i was just challenging myself too much that i don’t just post photos that are not edited or post anything random on any day. I also have lots of boring and uninteresting days in my life but i don’t wanna share those. So sometimes i catch myself wondering what to do. When i get delayed in posting, it only means i am trying to catch up with my other life offline and tryng to get a social life  which was a bit hard for me in the first few months here in Oman. But still, i managed and somehow messed it up in the end.

Taking photos everyday with my Nikon CoolPix L110 and sometimes my handy Nokia camera phone brought me a lot of unexpected fun and artistic challenges. My love for photography grew and flourished. I have to admit that it could actually get dragging bringing a not-so handy camera everyday. My bag always feels heavy but i am always the first one to grab my camera and take photos of anything worth a few bytes of my memory card. Although it’s the perennial shots have always been my face and the foods i eat, this blog is NOT a fashion or food blog! haahaaha

Thank you tumblr giving me this venue!

Thank you to those who have been following me. I know i am not the only one reading my posts. :))

No goodbyes ( i have yet to post a few more here)!